CEO Letters

CEO Letter 11.6.20

By Jenn Ross

As I’m writing this column, my hopes and prayers are that our community is doing well following a challenging election and we can heal and come together regardless of the results. One of my current reads which I highly recommend is Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind: Why G…

Ceo Letter 10.25.20

By Jenn Ross

Although this was a challenging and unprecedented year, our organization had numerous accomplishments, even during our temporary building shutdown.  This summary is a snapshot capturing just a few highlights, alongside many other achievements that have been reported in Communi…

CEO Letter 10.9.20

by Jenn Ross


Reading is one of the ways I develop myself personally and professionally.  The right selections also help uplift me and refocus.  I can recommend some which have accomplished this. 


Ryan Holiday’s Stillness is the Key was a great follow up to last summer’s read…

9.25.20 CEO Letter

By Jenn Ross


Voting is an honor and a privilege and also an important responsibility.  Allowing free access to the polls to eligible voters is critical to a functioning democracy. As a nonprofit, our work is non-partisan, including the encouragement of voting by all eligible citizens a…

CEO Letter 9.11.20

By Jenn Ross

Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, this Rosh Hashanah, I wish you a particularly sweet and healthy year ahead. You deserve it. I have many good wishes for you including:


May you cherish what you have gained and not suffer greatly from what you have lost.