Programs Abound in Harrisburg During Jewish Book Month

By Adam Grobman

With temperatures cooling and COVID cases rising, many of us may find ourselves back at home more often through the month of November.

Luckily, Jewish Book Month is here, giving community members a chance to cozy up with a relevant book in their living rooms and get lost in…

Usage Continues to Increase in JCC Fitness Department

By Terri Travers

COVID has caused many businesses to feel a hard hit, but one area that has particularly felt the struggle is the fitness industry and the JCC is no different. 

While COVID allowed for the JCC to create a virtual presence, many have missed being able to work out amongst th…

Senior Adult Club Seeks Zoom Speakers

by Cheryl Yablon, Senior Adult Director


                As you all know, the JCC Senior Adult Club has not been able to reconvene at the JCC during the present COVID-19 pandemic.  However, we have a wonderful group that “Zooms” in for our Tuesday and Thursday Senior …

Harrisburg JCC Virtual 5K Draws Runners, Walkers From Coast to Coast

by Terri Travers


The Harrisburg JCC Annual 5K is a tradition and much loved event of many in our community. 


2020 is a year that has brought about great change and adaptation and the 5K race was no different.  After determining that an in-person event was not likely to occur, the…

Shofar Blower Traces Love of the Tradition to Rosh Hashanah in Harrisburg

By Mary Klaus

Molly May’s fascination with the shofar began when she was a little girl and heard it at a Rosh Hashanah service at Beth El Temple.

She thought it sounded “pretty cool,” especially when some of the men in the congregation were competitive about blowing the longest tekia…