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Shofar Blower Traces Love of the Tradition to Rosh Hashanah in Harrisburg

By Mary Klaus

Molly May’s fascination with the shofar began when she was a little girl and heard it at a Rosh Hashanah service at Beth El Temple.

She thought it sounded “pretty cool,” especially when some of the men in the congregation were competitive about blowing the longest tekia…

Harrisburg Native Responds to COVID

By Adam Grobman

Not everyone can afford to social distance.

So when COVID-19 became widespread, Harrisburg native Jacob Halbert sprung into action to help to better protect those at high-risk of contracting the disease.

The Michigan engineering student was on a routine business call with …

Jerry Rogoff Spent Decades on Water with Coast Guard Auxiliary

by Adam Grobman

For nearly his entire life, Jerry Rogoff has been somewhat of a “fish out of water.” A 1987 profile of Jerry, then Vice President of the JCC, mentions that his friends referred to him as the “Best Jewish Fisherman.”

Jerry and his wife, Rena, first came to Harrisburg…