Adults & Families

A Tribute Long Overdue

By Felix Thau

Editor’s Note: This is Part 1 of a two-part story detailing historical accounts and personal history of Nadia Frey.

After moving to Philadelphia at the age of three, Felix Thau’s family became close with a number of fellow Survivor families in the area. One of those was …

Dede and Merv Woolf Celebrate 70 Years in Community Together

By Adam Grobman

When Dede and Merv Woolf marked seventy years of marriage this summer, they celebrated alongside their fellow Jewish community members, some of whom they’ve known their entire lives.

After all these years, they still never tire of telling stories of being in and around th…

Zach Simmons Gathers Insight Into Israel Through Postal History

By Adam Grobman

Stamp collecting is a hobby that stretches back to 1840, beginning with the issue of the first adhesive stamp in the United Kingdom - the Penny Black - which featured the image of Queen Victoria.

Ever since that first label clung to common envelopes, collectors have clutche…

A Year Later, Retired JFS Director Barry Stein Stands Tall Again

By Adam Grobman

In February 2020, the coronavirus was just beginning to go global. Handwashing and sanitizer use was skyrocketing, but the words “social distancing” and “ face masks” were still unfamiliar.

Jewish Family Service was preparing for its premier event of the year, a lec…

Community Copes With a Year of Pandemic Restrictions

By Mary Klaus


Marilyn Klein longs to hug her five grandchildren and see Broadway plays in New York City.


Michael Coleman misses going out to dinner with friends.


Arlynn Weber would like to go back to the gym and travel. Kristin Messner-Baker misses seeing her children hang ou…