Jewish Millennials: The Lost Generation

By Rabbi Sam Yolen, Congregation Beth Israel, Lebanon

I remember my Grandmother Jill telling me how hard it was for her and her husband, Burt, to buy their first home. My grandparents eloped in their early twenties, forgoing a party. They lived in the garage of my great-grandparents house.

Kol Nidrei Sermon

by Rabbi Sam Yolen, Congregation Beth Israel, Lebanon

I’d like to tell you an Etgar Keret story.


Keret is a famous Israeli writer, born to Holocaust survivors, and a very decorated artist. His story, Only Through Death Will You Learn Your True Identity, is about a boy named A who is …

Mourner’s Kaddish for a Business

“I remember when at least half, if not two-thirds, of Main Street were Jewish businesses,” says Stu Perlmutter, who closed his Lebanon-based furniture store, Harold's, in Summer 2019.