JFGH Honored by CPBJ’s Nonprofit Innovation Awards

After the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg and JCC closed its building to staff and community members in the early days of the pandemic, there were many questions to be answered.

How could this organization – whose mission is to ensure that the Jewish community of Greater Harrisbur…

Still Friends: Haverim Members Rekindle Harrisburg Connection

By Adam Grobman

Though Janice Apple Malett has not lived in Harrisburg for more than fifty years, she has fond memories of the Jewish community that she grew up in - from the Kosher bakery that her parents Bess and Moe Apple owned with her aunt and uncle Dorothy and Jerry Pollack to spendin…

What is Play Therapy?

By Mary Tarbell

Imagine that you are a six-year-old girl whose has been seeing a counselor to help you cope with your family situation. Both of your parents have serious mental health issues, and you are being raised by your grandparents.  Of course, you have lots of emotions about all of …

JCCA, JFNA Programs to Honor Israel’s Past, Celebrate Present and Future

By Adam Grobman

Many Jews living today have always known Israel as the Jewish homeland. But as a nation that was established just 73 years ago, the anguish of loss and joy of success related to its founding still echo in Israeli society today.

“The pain is very present,” says Ayelet Sh…

York JCC Opens Renovated Lobby

The York Jewish Community Center (York JCC) reopened its main lobby entrance on March 29th after a major facelift, including a new art gallery, ornate tile floor, elaborate reception desk, and an overall brighter, fresh look.

While COVID-19 limited the York JCC’s ability to hold a grand r…