Usage Continues to Increase in JCC Fitness Department

By Terri Travers

COVID has caused many businesses to feel a hard hit, but one area that has particularly felt the struggle is the fitness industry and the JCC is no different. 

While COVID allowed for the JCC to create a virtual presence, many have missed being able to work out amongst th…

Harrisburg JCC Virtual 5K Draws Runners, Walkers From Coast to Coast

by Terri Travers


The Harrisburg JCC Annual 5K is a tradition and much loved event of many in our community. 


2020 is a year that has brought about great change and adaptation and the 5K race was no different.  After determining that an in-person event was not likely to occur, the…

Lost No Longer: Lost Tribe Esports Engages Jewish Teens in New Way

by Adam Grobman

Esports – it’s the fastest-growing segment of sports and gaming that you haven’t seen on television. A $1 billion industry, gamers across the world stream and perform for hundreds of millions of viewers each year.

Now, that arena-energy gaming is being brought to teen…

Living Donor: JCC Spin Instructor Helps Friend in Need

by Adam Grobman

Gina McDonald has always believed in living powerfully.

The longtime JCC spin instructor has experienced many exciting chapters in her life, including volunteering for the Peace Corps in West Africa and facilitating a weight management program (known as Empower) as part of…

The Shot That Put HBG JCC Basketball OnThe Map

by Terri Travers

The Harrisburg JCC has a long basketball history.   Current Iddy/Biddy basketball participants have grandparents who got their start in the same program.  This year alone the HBG JCC has teams for both boys and girls from 3rdgrade up through high school.  


The Har…