CEO Letters

4.24.20 CEO Letter

by Jenn Ross

This year is Israel’s 72nd birthday.  Earlier in the year, we were planning an expanded community celebration which would have involved children and young families.  Although we won’t be able to host this program at the J, we have most of the groundwork for next year.

I …

CEO Letter 4.10.2020

by Jenn Ross

Whenever I write my column, I am aware that my message may be somewhat dated by the time Community Review is printed and delivered to you.  Since our building closure at 6pm on Monday, March 16, calculating time has perplexed me.  Information dramatically changes not only by …

CEO Letter 3.27.2020

by Jenn Ross

I wish I could focus my attention on this edition’s theme of Jewish food since it is a pleasure to write about, and since much of our culture and community is built around a dining room table.  However, a more critical topic has been impacting the world and much will likely …

CEO Letter - 3.13.2020

by Jenn Ross


It is inspiring to read about our teen participation in JCC sports.  There is a moving article in this edition written by Mandy Cheskis about her brave battle and journey with breast cancer.  The love and support of coach Terri Travers and Mandy’s daughters Rena and Dev…

CEO Letter 2.14.2020

by Jenn Ross


Each day, I begin my day by scanning in to the JCC (or prominently displaying my name badge with Federation logo). I do this to set an example and provide consistency with the entry policies and practices we expect our community members and staff to follow.


You will li…