CEO Letters

CEO Letter 9.11.20

By Jenn Ross

Whether or not you celebrate the holiday, this Rosh Hashanah, I wish you a particularly sweet and healthy year ahead. You deserve it. I have many good wishes for you including:


May you cherish what you have gained and not suffer greatly from what you have lost.



8.28.20 CEO Letter

My earliest memory of anti-Semitism as a young child was the defacement of my family home’s sidewalk in Yonkers, NY by a neighbor.  Fortunately, apart from that experience, I have generally felt sheltered from this hatred, because we moved shortly thereafter to a community in Long Island …

8.14.20 CEO Letter

By Jenn Ross

As I was seeking the right words to begin my column, my hero Dr. Rachel Levine spoke them in her opening remarks in the July 28 Department of Health press conference in response to the ongoing transphobic attacks she has been experiencing: “I have no room in my heart for hatr…

7.31.20 CEO Letter

by Jenn Ross

How do we focus on the positive, hopeful aspects of these challenging times and block out the noise of the polarizing anger that increases our already heavy burden? I struggle with this personally at times and work hard to quiet my inner angry and frustrated voice.

I have felt…

7.17.20 CEO Letter

By Jenn Ross

Welcome back!

Our time apart has been hard, but it has been necessary for the safety and well-being of everyone in our community.  Some people are still remaining in isolation because it is too dangerous for them to risk exposure. As we know, this public health crisis is far…