CEO Letters

CEO Letter 11.20.2020

By Jenn Ross

This is a particularly important time to reflect on sources of gratitude.  As challenging as most of 2020 has been, I’m happy to report that numerous items come to mind and my column is just taking note of what I was grateful for during the week of October 25.

Having the ab…

CEO Letter 11.6.20

By Jenn Ross

As I’m writing this column, my hopes and prayers are that our community is doing well following a challenging election and we can heal and come together regardless of the results. One of my current reads which I highly recommend is Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind: Why G…

Ceo Letter 10.25.20

By Jenn Ross

Although this was a challenging and unprecedented year, our organization had numerous accomplishments, even during our temporary building shutdown.  This summary is a snapshot capturing just a few highlights, alongside many other achievements that have been reported in Communi…

CEO Letter 10.9.20

by Jenn Ross


Reading is one of the ways I develop myself personally and professionally.  The right selections also help uplift me and refocus.  I can recommend some which have accomplished this. 


Ryan Holiday’s Stillness is the Key was a great follow up to last summer’s read…

9.25.20 CEO Letter

By Jenn Ross


Voting is an honor and a privilege and also an important responsibility.  Allowing free access to the polls to eligible voters is critical to a functioning democracy. As a nonprofit, our work is non-partisan, including the encouragement of voting by all eligible citizens a…